4、平均效率:减速比7.5-69.39是77% ;70.43-288是62% ;S/R组合式是57%。


    技术参数:速比范围:基本型9.96~244.74,S系列/R系列组合型可达到8608扭矩范围:43~4200 Nm 功率范围:0.18~22 KW 结构形式:S-轴伸式联接        SF-轴伸式、法兰安装S...S-表示轴输入   SA-轴装式联接SAF-轴装式、法兰安装 基本型号:实心轴输出底脚安装型:S37、S47、S57、S67、S77、S87、S97实心轴带输出法兰安装型:SF37、SF47、SF57、SF67、SF77、SF87、SF97输出空心轴安装型:SA37、SA47、SA57、SA67、SA77、SA87、SA97输出空心轴带输出法兰安装型:SAF37、SAF47、SAF57、SAF67、SAF77、SAF87、SAF97输出空心轴带扭力臂安装型:SAT37、SAT47、SAT57、SAT67、SAT77、SAT87、SAT97输出空心轴带小法兰安装型:SAZ37、SAZ47、SAZ57、SAZ67、SAZ77、SAZ87、SAZ97实心轴输入底脚安装型:SS37、SS47、SS57、SS67、SS77、SS87、SS97实心轴输出底脚安装组合型:S37R17、S47R17、S57R17、S67R37、S77R37、S87R57、S97R57空心轴输入底脚安装型:SAS37、SAS47、SAS57、SAS67、SAS77、SAS87、SAS97实心轴输出底脚安装组合型:SA37R17、SA47R17、SA57R17、SA67R37、SA77R37、SA87R57、SA97R57实心轴输入法兰输出安装型:SFS37、SFS47、SFS57、SFS67、SFS77、SFS87、SFS97输出带法兰底脚安装组合型:SF37R17、SF47R17、SF57R17、SF67R37、SF77R37、SF87R57、SF97R57 实心轴输入带法兰安装型:SAFS37、SAFS47、SAFS57、SAFS67、SAFS77、SAFS87、SAFS97 输出空心轴带输出法兰组合型:SAF37R17、SAF47R17、SAF57R17、SAF67R37、SAF77R37、SAF87R57、SAF97R57 输出空心轴带小法兰安装型:SAZS37、SAZS47、SAZS57、SAZS67、SAZS77、SAZS87、SAZS97 输出空心轴带小法兰安装组合型:SAZ37R17、SAZ47R17、SAZ57R17、SAZ67R37、SAZ77R37、SAZ87R57、SAZ97R57详细数据请登陆我司网站,网址:www.zjxinchengjsj.com欢迎新老客户来电咨询、洽谈。Products overview:  1, the product used seriation, modular design thought, has a wide range of adaptability, the series of products have much motor combination, installation position and structure scheme, the transmission ratio grading fine, meet different working condition, realize mechanical and electrical integration.  2, R series helical gear machine of decelerate of hard tooth flank in combination with the international technical requirements, has the very high content of science and technology;  3, save a space of machine of decelerate of hard tooth flank, reliable and durable, bear high overload capacity, power of up to 132 kw.  4, low energy consumption, superior performance, reducer efficiency is as high as 95% above;  5, little vibration, low noise, high energy saving;  6, R series helical gear pause of decelerate of hard tooth flank, with high quality forged steel material semi steel box, gear surface after high frequency heat treatment;  7, after precision machining, to ensure that the axis parallelism and locating bearing requirements, the formation of helical gear transmission assembly equipped with various types of motor reducer, combined into mechanical and electrical integration, fully guarantee the quality of the deceleration motor products use features.  Performance characteristics:  1, small offset output, compact structure, make the best use of housing space, secondary and tertiary in the same enclosure.  2, the integral casting box, box structure stiffness is good, easy to increase the strength of the shaft and bearing life.  3, installation: installed foot, flange with flange size, easy to choose.  4, solid shaft output, the average efficiency is the secondary and tertiary 96% and 94%, combination of R/R, the average efficiency of 85%.  5, designed for mixing the RM series can bear larger axial force and radial force.      Technical parameters:  Speed ratio range: R basic 3.33 ~ 289.74, RX 1.3 ~ 8.65, R/R combination can be up to 27001  Torque range: R basic 85 ~ 18000 Nm, RX 20 ~ 1680 Nm  Basic 0.18 ~ 160 kW power range: R, RX 0.18 ~ 132 kW  Structure:  R: shaft extension type foot install RF: flange installation  RF: foot flange installation RM: flange installation with extended bearing box  RX: single-stage foot installation RXF: single-stage flange installation  The basic model:  lying  Type foot installation type: R17, R27, R37, R47, R57, R67, R77, R87, R97, R107, R137, R147, R167  Flange installation type: RF17, RF27, RF37, RF47, RF57, RF67, RF77, RF87, RF97, RF107, RF137, RF147, RF167  Single stage horizontal transmission foot installation type: RX37, RX57, RX67, RX77, RX87, RX97, RX107, RX127 and X157  Vertical flange installation type: RXF37, RXF57, RXF67, RXF77, RXF87, RXF97, RXF107, RXF127, RXF157  Horizontal band input shaft installation type: RS27, RS37, RS47, RS57, RS67, RS77, RS87, RS97, RS107, RS137, RS147, RS167  The bottom horizontal installation combination: R37R17, R57R37, R67R37, R77R37, R87R57, R97R57, R107R77, R137R77, R147R77, R147R87, R167R97, R167R107  Flange with vertical axis input installation type: RFS27, RFS37, RFS47, RFS57, RFS67, RFS77, RFS87, RFS97, RFS107, RFS137, RFS147, RFS167  Vertical flange installation combination RF37R17, RF57R37, RF67R37, RF77R37, RF87R57, RF97R57, RF107R77, RF137R77, RF147R77, RF147R87, RF167R97, RF167R107  Single stage horizontal band transmission shaft input installation type: RXS37, RXS57, RXS67, RXS77, RXS87, RXS97, RXS107, RXS127, RXS157  Single stage drive flange with vertical axis input type installation RXFS37, RXFS57, RXFS67, RXFS77, RXFS87, RXFS97, RXFS107, RXFS127, RXFS157



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