5、平均效率:二级96% 、三级94% 、F系列/R系列 组合平均效率85%。

    技术参数:速比范围:基本型3.81~281.71,F/R组合型可达到31434扭矩范围:200~18000 Nm功率范围:0.18~200 kW结构形式:F-轴伸式、底脚安装     FF-轴伸式、法兰安接S-表示轴输入           FA-轴装式联接KAF-轴装式、法兰安装  基本型号:实心轴输出型:F37、F47、F57、F67、F77、F87、F97、F107、F127、F157空心轴输出型 FA37、FA47、FA57、FA67、FA77、FA87、FA97、FA107、FA127、FA157实心轴带法兰输出型:FF37、FF47、FF57、FF67、FF77、FF87、FF97、FF107、FF127、FF157空心轴带法兰输出型:FAF37、FAF47、FAF57、FAF67、FAF77、FAF87、FAF97、FAF107、FAF127、FAF157空心轴带小法兰输出型:FAZ37、FAZ47、FAZ57、FAZ67、FAZ77、FAZ87、FAZ97、FAZ107、FAZ127、FAZ157 实心轴输入实心轴输出型:FS37、FS47、FS57、FS67、FS77、FS87、FS97、FS107、FS127、FS157实心轴输出组合型:F37R17、F47R17、F57R37、F67R37、F77R37、F87R57、F97R57、F107R77、F127R77、F127R87、F157R97实心轴输入空心轴输出型:FAS37、FAS47、FAS57、FAS67、FAS77、FAS87、FAS97、FAS107、FAS127、FAS157空心轴输出组合型:FA37R17、FA47R17、FA57R37、FA67R37、FA77R37、FA87R57、FA97R57、FA107R77、FA127R77、  FA107R77、      FA127R77、FA127R87、FA157R97实心轴带法兰输出型:FFS37、FFS47、FFS57、FFS67、FFS77、FFS87、FFS97、FFS107、FFS127、FFS157实心轴带法兰输出组合型:FF37R17、FF47R17、FF57R37、FF67R37、FF77R37、FF87R57、FF97R57、FF107R77、FF127R77、FF107R77、 FF127R77、FF127R87、FF157R97实心轴输入空心轴带法兰输出型:FAFS37、FAFS47、FAFS57、FAFS67、FAFS77、FAFS87、FAFS97、FAFS107、FAFS127、FAFS157空心轴带法兰输出组合型:FAF37R17、FAF47R17、FAF57R37、FAF67R37、FAF77R37、FAF87R57、FAF97R57、FAF107R77、FAF127R77、FAF107R77、FAF127R77、FAF127R87、FAF157R97实心轴输入空心轴带小法兰输出型:FAZS37、FAZS47、FAZS57、FAZS67、FAZS77、FAZS87、FAZS97、FAZS107、FAZS127、FAZS157空心轴带小法兰输出组合型:FAZ37R17、FAZ47R17、FAZ57R37、FAZ67R37、FAZ77R37、FAZ87R57、FAZ97R57、FAZ107R77、FAZ127R77、FAZ107R77、FAZ127R77、FAZ127R87、FAZ157R97详细数据请登陆我司网站,网址:http://www.zjxinchengjsj.com/欢迎新老客户来电咨询、洽谈。  Products overview:  1, F series reducer in combination with the international technical requirements, has the very high technology content.  2, save a space, reliable and durable, bear high overload capacity, the power can reach more than 90 kw.  3, F series parallel shaft helical gear reducer, low energy consumption, superior performance, efficiency is as high as above 95%.  4 parallel shaft helical gear reducer, small vibration, low noise, high energy saving, choose YouZhiDuan steel material, semi steel box, gear surface after high frequency heat treatment.  5, after precision machining, to ensure that the axis parallelism and positioning accuracy, it constitutes the speed reducer of gear transmission assembly is configured with all kinds of motor, formed the mechanical and electrical integration, fully guarantee the quality of the deceleration motor products use features.  Performance characteristics:  1, parallel output, compact structure, big transmission torque, stable working, low noise, long service life.  2, installation: installed base, hollow shaft, flange installation, small flange installation, torque arm.  3, direction of rotation, the same basic secondary input and output level 3 opposite; F/R combination of consulting the other.  4, output mode: the hollow or solid shaft output shaft output.  : 5, the average efficiency of secondary and tertiary 96% and 94%, combination of F/R series, the average efficiency of 85%.  Technical parameters:  Speed ratio range: basic 3.81 ~ 281.71, F/R combination can be up to 31434  The torque range: 200 ~ 18000 Nm  Power range: 0.18 ~ 200 kW  Structure:  F - shaft extension type, foot FF - flange, shaft extension type, installation  S - said shaft type connection with FA - input shaft  KAF - shaft mounted, flange installation      The basic model:  Solid shaft output type: F37, F47, F57, F67, F77, F87, F97, F107, F127, F157  Hollow shaft type output FA37, FA47, FA57, FA67, FA77, FA87, FA97, FA107, FA127, FA157  Solid shaft with flange type output: FF37, FF47, FF57, FF67, FF77, FF87, FF97, FF107, FF127, FF157  The hollow output shaft flange type: FAF37, FAF47, FAF57, FAF67, FAF77, FAF87, FAF97, FAF107, FAF127, FAF157  The hollow output shaft with small flange type: FAZ37, FAZ47, FAZ57, FAZ67, FAZ77, FAZ87, FAZ97, FAZ107, FAZ127, FAZ157  Solid shaft input solid shaft output type: FS37, FS47, FS57, FS67, FS77, FS87, FS97, FS107, FS127, FS157  Solid shaft output combination: F37R17, F47R17, F57R37, F67R37, F77R37, F87R57, F97R57, F107R77, F127R77, F127R87, F157R97  Solid shaft type hollow shaft output type: FAS37, FAS47, FAS57, FAS67, FAS77, FAS87, FAS97, FAS107, FAS127, FAS157  Hollow shaft output combination: FA37R17, FA47R17, FA57R37, FA67R37, FA77R37, FA87R57, FA97R57, FA107R77, FA127R77, FA107R77, FA127R77, FA127R87, FA157R97  Solid shaft with flange type output: FFS37, FFS47, FFS57, FFS67, FFS77, FFS87, FFS97, FFS107, FFS127, FFS157  Solid shaft with flange output combination: FF37R17, FF47R17, FF57R37, FF67R37, FF77R37, FF87R57, FF97R57, FF107R77, FF127R77, FF107R77, FF127R77, FF127R87, FF157R97  Solid shaft type hollow output shaft flange type: FAFS37, FAFS47, FAFS57, FAFS67, FAFS77, FAFS87, FAFS97, FAFS107, FAFS127, FAFS157  Combination: the hollow shaft flange FAF37R17, FAF47R17, FAF57R37, FAF67R37, FAF77R37, FAF87R57, FAF97R57, FAF107R77, FAF127R77, FAF107R77, FAF127R77, FAF127R87, FAF157R97  Solid shaft type hollow output shaft with small flange type: FAZS37, FAZS47, FAZS57, FAZS67, FAZS77, FAZS87, FAZS97, FAZS107, FAZS127, FAZS157  Hollow shaft with small flange output combination: FAZ37R17, FAZ47R17, FAZ57R37, FAZ67R37, FAZ77R37, FAZ87R57, FAZ97R57, FAZ107R77, FAZ127R77, FAZ107R77, FAZ127R77, FAZ127R87, FAZ157R97  Details please visit our website, website: http://www.zjxinchengjsj.com/  welcome new and old customers to inquire, negotiate. 



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